Resource Use Ext. Link Type
SlothParadise Hack Me website that contains 20 flags; focuses on web exploitation Practice Site
shellweplayagame Free platform to host CTFs and create vulnerable software (not yet launched) Practice Site
CTF365 Access to vulnerable by design servers for 30 days free (trial) Practice Site
pwnable One of the largest pwn repositories on the internet, with difficulty ranges from simple to professional Practice Site
HackThisSite Training ground for hackers to practice skills, with hacking articles and a forum Practice Site
overthewire Increasingly difficult challenges that cover a vast array of Linux techniques. Practice Site
hellboundhackers Exploiting, pwning, and programming challenges to teach computer security Practice Site
ringzer0team Website maintained by RingZero and is home to 250+ challenges Practice Site
netgarage Wargame site in which each level's solution is the "key" to the next level Practice Site
w3challs 80+ challenges from subjects such as cracking, programming, and cryptography Practice Site One of the largest reversing repositories on the internet, intermediate to professional Practice Site
opensecuritytraining Provides free InfoSec training with videos, textbooks, and other applications Practice Site
microcorruption Uses a fictional storyline based atmosphere to teach reverse engineering microcorrruption Practice Site
liveoverflow Collection of security challenges, writeups, and YouTube videos designed to teach the basics of exploitation Practice Site
gracker Wargame challenges through an ssh connection that progressivly become more difficult. Practice Site
smashthestack Smash The Stack is Wargames site that has been newly revamped. Several different servers hold a variety of Wargames to play. Practice Site
exploit-excersises Exploit Excersises presents a variety of real life exploits for beginner, intermediate, and more advanced users. Practice Site
cryptopals This website teaches the basics of Cryptography and gives a good overview of its foundations. Practice Site
id0-rsa This website provides a few resources along with multiple pages of practice problems. Practice Site
backdoor.sdslabs Backdoor is a CTF/Practice Site and is home to many tasks centered around exploiting backdoors. Practice Site
try2hack Another simple Wargame site that is quite old. Practice Site
pentesterlab Hands on Pentesting complete with excersises, tutorials, and a comprehensive pathway to follow. Practice Site
mitrecyberacademy Contains high quality training videos, challenges, and occasionally hosts competitions. Practice Site
root-me Newly revamped site. One of the highest quality Cyber Security websites on The Internet Practice Site
pwnable Part of the PWNABLE suite. Wargame site that hosts many pwn challenges. Practice Site
itsecgames Website that hosts a VulnBox download. VulnBox
dvwa Website that hosts a VulnBox download. VulnBox
owasp Website that hosts a VulnBox download. VulnBox
google-gruyere Website that hosts a VulnBox download. VulnBox
nvisium Website that hosts a VulnBox download. VulnBox
VulnHub VulnHub is a Virtual Machine image repository where vunerable by design OS's can be found. Repository
trailofbits A concise repository filled with resources that help beginners get into the game. Repository
ufoctf Reviews basic concepts and tools used in CTFs. Make sure your browser translates to english. Repository
ip-info Ip-info is a website that provides information of your IP, it's status, and contains a DNS/IP lookup function. Web
adblockplus Adblock is a usefull tool to help protect your yourself when browsing the internet and improve efficiency. Misc