What's CTF?

A CTF, or Capture the Flag, is a competition where you are given a challenge from a wide range of categories such as reverse engineering, web, cryptography, and programming.

The goal of each challenge is to get the flag, or solution.

Why CTF?

The idea behind CTF competitions is to encourage people to learn more about cybersecurity and white hat hacking. With businesses and people being hacked everyday, there's a need for more cybersecurity professionals.

Millions of high paying jobs are opening up in cybersecurity. Through CTF, you can become a part of the solution.


PentaHex is a CTF team that participates in a variety of CTF challenges.

We've created this site to encourage others to participate in CTF challenges and learn about cybersecurity.

Information about us can be found below. Please email us about any errors or improvements!

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