Welcome to PentaHex CTF team's website!

PentaHex aims to help students learn cybersecurity. Check out the writeups, tools, resources, and tutorials through the menubar above.

Learn more about PentaHex and our mission in the About page.

Writeups are explanations of how to solve certain CTF problems.

Check out Something Different, a 50 point CTF problem from CSAW'17. We were given a document and nothing else.

After finding the original version online, we compared the two with a python script and outputted the different characters to get the flag.

The tools will allow you to do some quick encoding and decoding or play with operations like XOR and Base64.

Check out the Base Converter, which allows you to convert numbers between any two numerical bases. You can use this tool to see what happens to a number when you increase it's base or to check your work when you do it manually.

Our set of resources is a collection of many essential cybersecurity links.

Check out Murmus CTF's Youtube channel, which has a variety of videos on reversing and other cybersecurity topics.

There are so many more resources to look through: exploit cheatsheets, writeups, books, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

The Tutorial section is focused on providing information on important Computer Science topics and ideas.

Make sure to view the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange tutorial explaining the almost magicical algorithm to generate of public and private keys in a way that is secure.